Affiliated Investigations Nevada Corp.

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday- 8am to 5pm
  Contact : (702) 684-6547


Fees & Billing

 Our Service Terms of Business are 10 business days, unless prior arrangements have been made. The 10 business days begins from the date our office send you the faxed receipt.

 There is a 10 dollars’ penalty per day, if the invoices are not paid within 15 business days, with no ceiling on the number of penalty days.

 When our office receiving incomplete or inaccurate information at the commencement of the trace, we will do our best to notify you of any additional fees.

 Our Service is “No-Find, No-Fee” basic, so we will not charge any fee when we are unable to identify the policy limits on the data of loss. The policy number should be effect on the date of loss. If we report the limits of the policy as ZERO (0), which indicating the policy was not in effect on the data of loss. You will be invoiced, regardless.

 All Premium Processing Cases will be placed ahead of all normal cases, however, we will not charge you the Premium Processing Fees when the requested information is not obtained if the investigation has taken in excess of 5 business days.

 Termination of a submitted request will result in a $100 Termination fee. Any changes to the initial Request Form must be faxed to our office immediately to avoid additional fees.


 Regular Processing cases processing time for our research is approximately 10 business days. Premium Processing cases processing time will shorter to approximately 5 business days.

 Searches are performed under the defendant name(s) only. Policies may or may not cover the target vehicle owned/operated by the Defendant. The customer will be invoiced in accordance with the Price List.

 Our company will fax all results to the customer immediately upon completion of our research with an applicable invoice, we will delete all records after we confirm with your law firm.


 Date of Loss shall be defined as the date of the accident happened.

 Termination shall be defined as the termination or cancellation of any search or request at any point following our receipt of the request.





Affiliated investigations Nevada Corp uses reasonable care to obtain accurate and up to data information from sources considered reliable. It is believed that all information provided is accurate, however the Affiliated investigations Nevada Corp makes no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, that the information provided herein is correct, since the information has been obtained from supplementary sources. You should not make a decision to proceed based solely upon the information provided herein, but should also used reasonable care and utilize other sources of information that are available to you in order to make your decision as to how to proceed.